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Two Eagles at "Gifts & Lifestyle Middle East, Dubai 2022'

Gifts & Lifestyle Middle East, Dubai 2022

In November 2022, Two Eagles was lucky enough to take part in the "Gifts & Lifestyle Middle East, Dubai 2022" exhibition.

We gained invaluable experience and realized that:
🔹A lot of people are interested in our products. We met partners from India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and the UAE.
🔹People admire the fine handwork and great craftsmanship that distinguishes our products.
🔹Our silk is an incredibly warm and tactile material.
🔹The value of the fact that such ancient technologies that we use have survived to this day.
We really appreciated the sincere and lively interest in our work, which was shown by everyone who communicated with us.

We look forward to the implementation of all ideas with our new partners and new exhibitions!